RAWA RADIO - Music to the depth of the soul

Wave of music

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What is

RAWA FM is an online radio station broadcasting music that touches every heart strings. This music goes deeper than any other sensation of the external world.
The world was created by music and it goes back again to the source of its creation.

Geography of our listeners
How to listen

To start listening please touch the Play button ▶️ on the webpage. If you would like to use your favourite music player please click here. Also you can use iTunes, AIMP, Replaio, and other music players or programs.

If you like some tracks or musicians you can buy CD or MP3 on their official website so you support them and provide more opportunity to create such beautiful musiс.

If you would like to say something you can leave a comment on this page down below or at our VK page.

If there is no sound

If you click the Play button and nothing happens please check your firewall and antivirus’ settings. It may block radio streams.

Temporarily close your firewall or antivirus program and then click the Play button again. If the sound is there it means you should check your antivirus’ settings.

Also you should allow JavaScript’ running and clean out the local cache and cookies in your browser from time to time.

If there is still no sound please click this link to open the player.

Support us, please

Dear RAWA FM’s listener!
Thank you for supporting our project! This is really very important for us.
You can support us with PayPal, following this link.